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A DAO brewery appears in Germany

The startup MetaBrewSociety (MBS) plans to produce beer in Munich, Germany, and let NFT holders, who have assembled into an autonomous, decentralized organization, take control.

The company plans to issue non-reciprocal tokens that give holders a say in the management of the actual brewery.

MBS was created in February by a group of investors with a passion for brewing and NFT entrepreneurs. They came up with the idea of combining a brewery with a meta-universe, DAO and NFT to create a tangible real-world utility that would also have digital value for participants.

As part of the project, the company will offer several tokenized “beer share” certificates that will give their owners different levels of rights to operate a physical brewery in Munich. In the future, the brewery will also appear in the meta-universe. The Sandbox platform is being considered as a potential location.

NFTs will entitle the holder to 100 cans of free beer per year, and the sale of NFTs will help fund the purchase and scale of the brewery. After the purchase of the physical brewery, the project will morph into a DAO made up of holders of non-mutually exchangeable tokens.

According to co-founder and CEO Holger Mannweiler, the DAO will play an important role in business management and consumer taste research. The main business decisions will lie with the DAO – which beer to brew, where to sell and so on.

MBC intends to release a total of 6,000 NFTs in two phases, with white-list members getting access first. An exact launch date has not yet been announced, but the company says it will happen in the near future. After 75% of the NFTs are released, the company will buy back the real brewery and rename it MetaBrewery.

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