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A hurricane knocked out 75% of Marathon’s mining capacity

Ураган обесточил 75% майнинговых мощностей Marathon

A hurricane that struck Montana damaged a power plant in Hardin that supplies power to Marathon Digital Holdings’ 30,000 miners.

That equipment accounts for more than 75% of the firm’s active mining capacity, according to a statement.

The devices are expected to be able to resume operation at reduced capacity in the first week of July. Most of the miners were unaffected by the incident, according to the company.

$MARA Update on mining ops in Montana:

  • Severe storm passed through Hardin on 6/11
  • Power plant cooling towers need repairs
  • Majority of miners not damaged
  • Miners outside Hardin (0.6 EH/s) remain hashing via 3rd party pool
  • Marathon Digital Holdings (@MarathonDH) June 28, 2022
  • Power plant has cooling towers damaged after storm, damage assessment continues, Marathon said.

The firm switched its remaining 0.6 EH/s bitcoin mining capacity active from its own MaraPool to a third-party pool to increase the likelihood of rewards.” The severe storm in Montana unexpectedly lowered our hash rate in June and presented us with a new challenge, which we are actively working to overcome. Getting miners fully back online will take time, and we are committed to doing everything we can to restore and improve bitcoin production,” said Marathon CEO Fred Thiel.

As a reminder, Marathon’s mining company reserves have reached 6,225 BTC.

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