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Bill Gates is against investing in cryptocurrencies

The Microsoft co-founder announced that he only invests in assets that “bring a return. In his opinion, cryptocurrencies do not fall into this category.

During a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) Q&A session on Reddit, Bill Gates was asked if he invests in digital assets. The billionaire replied that he does not have cryptocurrencies in his portfolio because he only likes to invest in assets that justify their value. For example, in companies that produce some kind of products. According to Gates, digital assets cannot be called as such. However, the businessman prefers to take a neutral stance on bitcoin:

The value of cryptocurrencies depends on whether another person is willing to pay for them. But they are not good for society, which is not the case with investments in other assets.

Gates recently advised people who don’t have as much money as Elon Musk to be extremely careful when investing in bitcoin so as not to suffer serious financial losses.

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