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Bitcoin adoption could grow by 10% by 2030

Blockware Intelligence, the research arm of Blockware Solutions, predicts that bitcoin adoption internationally will increase 10% by 2030.

According to the Blockware Intelligence report, bitcoin’s proliferation is much faster than the auto industry and other industries. The analysts looked at historical curves for automobiles, electricity, smartphones, the Internet and social media, as well as the rate of bitcoin adoption since 2009. It turned out that the development of new technologies follows an exponential S-curve, but as for the newest network technologies, they are being adopted much faster than the market expects.

Analysts explained that from a consumer’s perspective, the main incentive for car adoption was the convenience and speed of travel, for cell phone use, the ability to make calls anywhere, and the introduction of bitcoin into finance applies game theory principles, in which the best strategy is not to give up on bitcoin.

Based on the Cumulative Net Enterprise Growth metric and Bitcoin’s compound annual growth rate of 60%, Blockware Intelligence has concluded that the rate of international bitcoin adoption will increase by 10% by the end of this decade. This is due to the current macroeconomic situation, the possibility of quick profits and the availability of the Internet.

The report states that bitcoin use is due to the “network effect,” similar to the Internet and social media. The more people use a technology, the greater its value. The authors of the report concluded that, judging by the trend of bitcoin’s spread in the future, its value will increase. At the same time, they warned that their predictions can’t be used as a recommendation for investing in bitcoin.

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