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Bitmex exchange

Bitmex exchange

This is a cryptocurrency and derivatives trading exchange, founded in 2014. Its head office is located in Hong Kong. The platform is considered one of the best for cryptocurrency trading. On average, transactions totaling $3 billion are made on the exchange every day.

The site has 5 language versions: English, Chinese, Russian, Korean and Japanese. This makes it easier for the trader to navigate. After registration and account activation, you can start trading. Deposit and withdrawal transactions are made exclusively in bitcoins. USD is used as the fiat currency. Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, SOL, Litecoin is one of the most common digital currencies on this site.

Among the advantages of the service are the following:

  • optimal commission size (0.025-0.075%);
  • trading with leverage up to 100:1;
  • a variety of trading instruments.

This is the floor where you can be confident about the safety of their own funds. During all the time of existence of the exchange, it has never been hacked, which indicates its high reliability. Up-to-date information material allows you to follow the state of the market. You can analyze and make decisions about cryptocurrency coins trades accordingly.

Beginners get a chance to practice on a special demo platform. This is a great option to help them understand how the exchange works. Once they get the hang of it, novice traders are able to conduct full-fledged transactions.

The disadvantages of the exchange include:

  • complex interface;
  • small choice of trading pairs;
  • the limited options for deposit and withdrawal.

At the same time the interface contains numerous tools to help traders. So it is still worth to understand the specifics of the platform. The limited choice of trading pairs won’t be a problem either. This will not prevent you from selling and buying cryptocurrency. So, such disadvantages are not decisive.

Perhaps, among the best services for buying cryptocurrency, you can also name other platforms. However, we have limited ourselves to this list. You are free to choose the service that you think is best for you.

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