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Blockchain games and meta-villages raised $1.3 billion in the quarter

Blockchain games and meta-villages raised $1.3 billion

Experts from DappRadar said that blockchain games continue to be the main driver of decentralized applications, and the number of new users is steadily growing.

The DappRadar platform released a report announcing that venture funding for the blockchain industry remained steady in the third quarter of this year. Despite the prolonged recession in the markets, VCs still see the long-term value of the products the industry offers and are prioritizing them.

Between July and September, blockchain gaming and meta-universe projects raised a combined $1.3 billion in venture capital, according to the report. That’s 48% less than in the second quarter, though, the analysts wrote. But still, twice as much as was raised in July-September 2021. Projects focused on meta-universe infrastructure and Web3 reportedly accounted for more than 36% of the quarterly investment.

Experts reported that activity in the blockchain game industry has been steadily increasing, with the number of unique wallets tied to such games up 8% from the previous month, to 912,000. Overall, Web3-based games continue to be a major driver of the decentralized applications (DApps) industry.

As a reminder, Ubisoft has cooled on the idea of implementing NFT and blockchain in games.


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