Crypto exchanges Exchange Exchange

This is a great trading platform that will suit both experienced traders and beginners. It was launched in 2016, provides an opportunity to buy crypto and quickly gained popularity. Users are offered a convenient mobile application, through which they can make payment transactions.

Capital Exchange is characterized by the absence of commissions and hidden fees. Operations are made instantly. Users are offered special training materials that help newcomers to get accustomed more easily.

Excellent conditions have been created for trading cryptos on this service, among them:

  • the use of artificial intelligence technology;
  • profitable trading on margin;
  • gaining profits through contracts for difference;
  • provision of tools for market analysis;
  • serious emphasis on security;
  • the ability to buy crypto for skrill and neteller.

The service offers users a news feed with content based on your personal preferences. The trader gets access to a lot of content that will help them choose the right strategy. In certain situations, this will allow you to abandon any preconceptions and choose the right path.

The digital currency market is accessed through CFDs. You trade (for ex. Ethereum) at a margin of 1:2. The service gives you the opportunity to earn on the fluctuations of cryptocurrency. There is no need to purchase the asset itself. Earnings are based on a correctly concluded contract for difference. In this case, the rise or fall of the Ether will allow you to profit.

Since the cryptocurrency market is characterized by unpredictability, the importance of proper analysis increases many times over. offers many tools for traders to see how the market will behave. Based on this analytical data, you can already make a decision regarding cryptocurrency trades. You may decide to sell or buy XRP, Etherium and other cryptocurrency, enter into a contract for difference, or take your time.

When working with cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, etc.), the security factor is of great importance. The exchange has a good reputation, so you can safely trade Ether or other instruments.

Of course, this service has its disadvantages as well:

  • the risk of financial losses in transactions using credit funds;
  • the analysis tools are not always able to calculate the force majeure factors.

However, these are disadvantages that are characteristic of cryptocurrency trading as such. Trading risks persist at all times, so you cannot avoid them.

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