Cashing out via p2p-platforms

p2p platforms сashing out

Consider the issue of p2p-platforms in more detail. With their help, you can withdraw funds to a card or an e-wallet.

In such exchanges, bitcoin for fiat money is exchanged between two people. In this case, the service guarantees the safety of such a transaction. Withdrawal fees will be minimal or non-existent.

Exchange with the help of p2p-platforms is as follows:

  • you transfer the bitcoin;
  • you create an order to sell (or you accept another user’s offer);
  • your coins are blocked by the service until the transaction is completed;
  • the buyer purchases the bitcoin at the price you set;
  • the funds are credited to your account;
  • you confirm receipt of the money;
  • the platform sends the bitcoin to the buyer.

As a result, you receive the agreed-upon amount in rubles before the other user receives the bitcoin. The buyer is guaranteed to receive the cryptocurrency. Both users are protected from possible fraud. The platform ensures the security of the transaction.

However, the risk remains that the other user might use someone else’s bank card. To avoid such a risk or minimize its probability, it is necessary to deal with platforms that have a good reputation.

These services take into account the number of transactions made by the client. The higher this indicator, the higher the success rate. Naturally, this deserves more trust from a trader engaged in the exchange of cryptocurrency. Low rates lead to doubt and do not inspire confidence.

Some analysts point out that when choosing p2p platforms, there remains a potential danger associated with the source of the money. The funds a customer transfers may be the result of some criminal activity. At the very least, the possibility of receiving “dirty money” remains. However, experts admit that senders try to avoid dubious transfers themselves. But you need to be very careful when using such services.

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