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Christie’s will trade NFTs

One of the oldest British auction houses, Christie’s, announced the launch of Christie’s 3.0 blockchain-based trading platform, which will curate and mediate NFT transactions.

The new platform was created in collaboration with smart contracts-focused startup Manifold, which also specializes in non-interchangeable tokens (NFTs) and decentralized applications (dApps). In addition, Christie’s is partnering with analytics company Chainalysis and meta-universe platform Spatial to provide additional functionality for its site.

Although Christie’s has previously conducted several auctions with NFT, no blockchain was used for the transactions – that is, the transactions were not transparent. Christie’s 3.0 powered by Etherium will allow all transactions to be recorded in blockchain, making the site more like OpenSea or Rarible. In doing so, the company will provide tools for compliance and taxation.

Nicole Sales Giles, director of digital art at Christie’s, said that the new site will allow users to collect NFT the way it was originally conceived. The only difference will be that the auction house will still be a facilitator and curator, not allowing users to display their own NFTs.

Recall that Christie’s held a record-breaking auction on the blockchain.

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