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DeFi sector loses venture capital funding

In May, total decentralized finance-focused venture capital deals totaled $176.3 million, the lowest since September 2021, analysts at The Block noted.

The DeFi sector’s share of total venture capital inflows into the blockchain industry fell to 9% from 18% in April.

According to analyst John Dantoni, this is the first time since July 2020 that DeFi-type financing has not been among the two most popular deal types in the industry.

In May, Israeli startup Certora raised $36 million, the largest investment in the sector.

In April, there were 12 venture capital deals with at least $10 million in funding. DeFi- projects bloXroute and 0x Labs raised $70 million each, and smart contract auditor CertiK raised $60 million.

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