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Eastern Europe leads in anonymous BTC transactions

Eastern Europe leads in anonymous BTC transactions

Many Eastern European bitcoin owners prefer their own privacy.
In Eastern Europe, bitcoin transactions without KYC procedures (anonymous transactions) or with minimal KYC requirements account for 6.1% of the total volume in the region. This is evidenced by the data of the Chainalysis analytical company.

Thus, Eastern Europe has become the global leader in the use of anonymous bitcoin transactions. Its closest pursuer – East Asia – holds this indicator at the level of 1.2%. However, it should be noted that Eastern Europe, while having a high rate of risky transactions, is not the leader in illegal digital asset transactions. Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America have significantly higher rates of illegal activity in this area. Chainalysis data once again confirms that privacy is poorly correlated with criminal activity.

Recall, the European Commission wants to ban anonymous crypto transactions.


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