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FTX head criticized major cryptocurrencies

The head of the bitcoin exchange FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, said he did not want to be the only one to save “sick” companies in the cryptocurrency industry.

Other digital-asset giants have not provided any support, he said.

“I would be happy if others did. I would have been very happy if others had taken it on instead of me. Frankly, I’m doing it because I’m not sure what someone else would do,” Bankman-Fried explained.

He said FTX has reached out to other unnamed cryptocurrencies to join forces to “save” the industry. Most of them declined the offer, he said.

He Yee, co-founder of bitcoin exchange Binance, explained to Decrypt that the company was interested in investing in long-term players that would benefit the industry and users.

“Last week, Binance announced $7.5 billion in the venture capital division. We are working on a number of deals that we will announce when the time comes,” she added.

As a reminder, the FTX exchange is in talks to buy Bithumb.

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