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Greed and Fear Index shows growing confidence in Bitcoin

The Greed and Fear Index has reached 26, up from 22 last week and 22 last month. This is according to data from Alternative, the portal that calculates this index.
The index continues to rise steadily during the week. Although the current level is still characterized as “fear,” the positive dynamics illustrate a change in investors’ perception of potential bitcoin investments.

This progress is also important because it has allowed the index to leave the zone of “extreme fear” corresponding to values of 25 and below. The moderate rise in BTC’s market value and hashtag, despite the bear market, has contributed to the positive perception of the asset among investors in recent weeks.

This index analyzes investor, trader and user sentiment about Bitcoin. It measures the two main emotions driving investors in the market and influencing how much they are willing to pay for the asset.

The Fear & Greed Index is formed based on a number of measures of BTC volatility levels and its dominance, trading volume, social media analysis, surveys, and search queries.

The Fear & Greed Index is one of the indicators to consider to determine optimal entry and exit points in the market.

Recall, the Greed and Fear Index has fallen sharply.

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