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Hackers steal $90 million from the Nomad project

Crosschain protocol Nomad was attacked by hackers, as a result of which the attackers withdrew crypto-assets worth over $90 million, it was reported by SlowMist researchers.

Using the MistTrack platform, analysts tracked the movement of funds to three Ethereum addresses. “Wrapped” assets like WBTC and USDC Stablecoin make up the bulk of the stolen assets.

Paradigm researcher under the nickname samczsun estimated the value of the withdrawn assets at $150 million.

About the same amount is discussed in the tweet of PeckShield researchers. According to their data, the funds arrived at 41 addresses.

Nomad representatives confirmed about the incident and assured the users that they are looking into it. The Nomad protocol uses “fraud proofs” as in Optimistic Rollup. The technology eliminates the need for multi-signatures, validators and oracles.

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