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In May, the income of miners decreased sharply

May was a very bad month for BTC and ETH miners. The income of bitcoin miners decreased by 20%, while the income of miners of the second cryptocurrency decreased by 27.2%.

As analysts of The Block noted, despite the significant decrease in income of ether miners, they still earn more than bitcoin miners – the income from mining ETH was $1.01 billion, but bitcoin miners received only $906.2 million.

The share of profit, received by miners of ETH from transaction fees also decreased.

In the structure of the income $888.95 million were received from fees for mining the block, $80.46 million were transaction fees, and $41.2 million – rewards for enclaves. These are rewards for mining a block, which was then discarded and not included in the main Ethereum blockchain.

In bitcoin mining, everything remained the same – transaction fees account for an extremely small portion of the total revenue. Miners received $890.01 million for mining blocks and only $16.18 million for transaction fees. Thus, the share of income from commissions was 1.87%.

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