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It became known when Cardano will hold Vasil hardfork

IOHK developers announced the activation date of the Vasil hardforge on the main Cardano network – September 22.

Vasil is Cardano’s biggest update and is expected to result in increased network capacity, lower transaction costs and improved security.

The hardfork will also add new features to the Plutus system for app developers.

The team expects a smooth technical transition with no disruptions or interruptions to blockchain production. Users don’t need to take any action.

The update is named after a deceased Cardano ambassador who planted more than 10,000 trees during his lifetime.

To activate the update, among other things, 25 cryptocurrency exchanges, which provide about 80% of ADA’s liquidity, need to update their systems. It also requires 75% of blocks to be created by nodes with the updated software.

Vasil was originally scheduled to activate at the end of June 2022, but the date was pushed back to the following month. In July, the developers updated the testnet and postponed the hardforward again.

– Input Output (@InputOutputHK) September 2, 2022

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