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It became known why people refuse to invest in cryptocurrencies

It became known why people refuse to invest in cryptocurrenciesСтало известно, почему люди отказываются инвестировать в криптовалюты

A lack of understanding of technology was the most popular reason why users refused to invest in digital assets. This is evidenced by the data of a survey conducted by Coupon Follow.

The study involved 1,172 U.S. residents aged 18 and older who had never invested in cryptocurrencies before.

42% of those surveyed have never decided to buy coins because they “don’t understand their value.” 39% are concerned about volatility. 35% consider cryptocurrencies to be a scam, the most common reason cited by the baby boomer generation (44%).

Another 24% said they are not competent enough to buy the asset.

18% of respondents said that they downloaded applications for cryptocurrency exchanges to the phone at some point, but never used them. Some of them didn’t have enough knowledge, others were afraid of unstable prices and others were worried about security of software.

Only 6% of Americans who do not currently own a cryptocurrency said they would be willing to buy one in the near future.

Additional information about the benefits of investing in cryptocurrencies would help change the skeptical mood of those surveyed. This is the opinion of 18%.

16% would decide to make their first purchase if they had a higher current income – this answer was most often given by millennials.

Representatives of generation Z, in their turn, are interested in state regulation and control of the market by law enforcement agencies.

In case of purchase the first coins for the majority of respondents would be bitcoin, Ethereum or USD Coin.

Recall, PwC expects a record volume of transactions in the crypto space.


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