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MetaMask offers a reward for found bugs

The MetaMask non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet team has partnered with HackerOne to launch a bounty initiative for finding vulnerabilities in the app.

According to a statement, the bounty program is a continuation of the developers’ efforts to ensure “maximum security for users.” The launch of the initiative follows the launch of MetaMask’s partnership with the Asset Reality team – a solution to help recover stolen assets.

“HackerOne is a bug-finding platform that leverages a deep network of cybersecurity researchers and testers to fix and fix bugs of all sizes on the Internet,” the developers explained.

Users who have discovered a potential vulnerability can now send a report via HackerOne. MetaMask warned that it may take some time to process the report and perform the necessary procedures.

“We want to continue to create a more secure Web 3.0 [Internet] – feel free to participate and do it with us,” the MetaMask team wrote .

Reward amounts range from $1,000 to $50,000 depending on the severity level of the vulnerability.

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