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PlanB told when bitcoin will hit a new high

One of the main proponents of the theory about BTC at $100k by the end of 2021 is popular in the cryptocommunity analyst PlanB. He developed a model for predicting bitcoin rate behavior (S2F), whose signals indicated the prospects of growth of the digital asset to the designated levels.

Even though PlanB’s S2F forecast for 2021 did not come true, the analyst continues to stick with his theory. He is confident that bitcoin has yet to realize the potential of the 2020 halving.

According to PlanB, BTC is near local lows and is preparing for a rebound. A bounce, the analyst believes, will lead bitcoin to growth.

“The rebound will be epic,” PlanB wrote on his microblog.

PlanB also published an estimated trajectory of the bitcoin exchange rate. In his opinion, BTC will be able to update its maximum in March 2022. The peak in bitcoin value within the current cycle, according to the analyst, can be fixed in July-August 2022.

The analysts of Twitter-channel Root largely agree with the opinion of PlanB. They also believe that bitcoin’s growth cycle is not over yet. Root saw signs of a trend reversal. According to analysts, BTC rebounded from local lows and is ready to resume growth.

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