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Samsung devices will be secured with blockchain

Samsung devices will be secured with blockchain

Korean technology company announced the introduction of the Privat Blockchain system, which is designed to improve the security of smart devices.

The system is called Knox Matrix and was presented as a global update to Samsung’s security system. Details about how the system works have not yet been disclosed, but Samsung said that it will integrate different smart devices available on the network through multi-level mutual monitoring. For example, using a phone connected to another smart device, such as a TV or a smart air conditioner, would make both devices safer from any threat.

The company assures that the Knox Matrix solution will also simplify the task of logging in throughout the home, as logon status is automatically distributed to the devices that need it to connect to the network. The solution will cover all devices, no matter what operating system they are running on.

Confidential information on the devices, the company claims, will be protected much better than before. However, Samsung did not disclose the technical characteristics of the system and did not name the date of its release.

Recall that Samsung may release its own cryptocurrency exchange.


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