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SpaceX and Starlink will accept Dogecoin

The founder of SpaceX and Starlink announced that the companies plan to expand ways to pay for goods and services using the cryptocurrency in the near future.

Elon Musk said that SpaceX will accept Dogecoin in its online store of themed merchandise. Earlier a similar opportunity was implemented in the Tesla store. The head of SpaceX and Tesla told about this to his Twitter followers.

In addition, SpaceX has already accepted payment in Dogecoin for the mission Doge-1, the result of which should be the launch of a small satellite into lunar orbit in June 2022.

Musk said that in the future, such services will be extended to customers of the satellite Internet provider Starlink, which will be able to pay in DOGE subscriptions. In a tweet about Starlink, Musk talked about the support of the project by regulators on all six continents.

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