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The creator of the term “meta-universe” will launch his own blockchain

Science fiction writer Neal Stephenson will launch his own blockchain, Lamina1, focused on metaworlds and augmented reality.

Former Bitcoin Foundation president Peter Wessenes is also involved in the project. According to him, the first iteration of the blockchain will be something “between a friendly fork and a partnership” with Avalanche. However, these plans exist in words for now.

Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin, PSL Ventures managing director Jeff Entress, billionaire Matthew Roszak, CLO Transparent Systems Patrick Merck, and DLTx COO David Johnston are among the investors in the project.

It was Neal Stephenson who first used the term “metaworld” in his 1992 novel Snow Crash. The book describes the metaworld as a virtual urban environment that people enter through the Internet and VR glasses. The work touches on themes of social inequality, totalitarianism, advertising, and virtual real estate.

Today, the writer admits that 30 years ago he didn’t anticipate everything in the visualization of meta-universes.

“When I wrote Snow Crash, I wasn’t expecting the advent of video games. They were the ones that made 3D graphics cheap enough to reach a mass audience,” Stevenson said.

He also suggested that the development of most metaplays would be focused on monitors rather than VR headsets.

The test network and beta version of Lamina1 are scheduled to launch in late 2022. The developer’s ultimate goal is to create an immersive 3D meta-universe inspired by Stevenson’s novel.

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