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The head of Real Vision is confident that the number of crypto-investors will reach 5 billion

CEO of Real Vision compared the speed of cryptocurrency adoption by society with the development of the Internet. The macroeconomist concluded that the industry will start slowing down in four years.

Raoul Pal said that he was optimistic about cryptocurrencies. According to the businessman, market capitalization continues to increase as new investors enter the industry:

“Investors haven’t left the crypto ecosystem like they did in 2018. I think if the pace of the industry stays the same, we’ll have five or four billion people using cryptocurrency by 2030.”

Pal believes that if a slowdown in the crypto industry does happen, it will only happen after the digital asset industry reaches high levels.

Last year, cryptocurrency adoption growth was 186 percent.

To understand what that is, just compare that figure to the adoption rate of the Internet. That rate is about twice as fast. Yes, Internet adoption is slowly decreasing, but the numbers are still huge. This comparison of the two industries is a very important element to assess the future market capitalization of cryptocurrency,” said Pal.

The macroeconomics expert notes that by 2030, cryptocurrency market capitalization will reach astronomical numbers.

“The Internet, after reaching five billion users after 2006, began to slow down. If we adjust the cryptocurrency market by the same amount, we get a 76% growth in cryptocurrency. In the next four years, we’ll get to 2.8 billion users. If we slow down to match the speed of the Internet, we will get 1.2 billion users,” – Pal emphasized.

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