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UAE wants to punish murder in the meta-universe

UAE Minister of Artificial Intelligence Omar Sultan Al Olama has called for criminalizing “serious crimes” in the meta universe.

The realistic nature of any metaworld, he said, would allow people to be “terrorized” in ways that are currently impossible.

“If I send you a WhatsApp message […] it might terrorize you, but it’s unlikely to lead to PTSD,” al-Olama said.

He added that “killing” an avatar in a realistic virtual environment could lead to an aggressive response.

Al-Olama called on the International Telecommunication Union to discuss establishing international safety standards for the meta-universe that people must adhere to regardless of jurisdiction. As an example, he cited the existence of common standards on the Internet to prevent drug trafficking and child pornography.

Product Director at Meta Chris Cox also talked about the need for international standards for the meta-universe.

“There might be some sort of rating system that we have for movies and music and other types of content so that parents or young people can have some idea of the rules of the environment they’re about to enter,” he said.

As a reminder, Andreessen Horowitz is launching an investment fund for games and meta universes.

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