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Unknown persons hacked DEX KyberSwap

Unknown persons hacked DEX KyberSwap

Hackers hacked the front-end of non-custodial exchange KyberSwap DeFi-project Kyber Network. The damage to users amounted to 265,000 USDC.

On September 1, the developers of KyberSwap detected suspicious activity at the frontend level. After closing the interface to investigate, they discovered malicious code in the Google Tag Manager (GTM) tool.

The exploit inserted a false approval for the transaction, allowing hackers to withdraw user funds to their addresses.

The team restarted the interface less than two hours later, removing the malicious code from GTM.

The attack affected two addresses.

The developers assured that those affected will receive full compensation. In their opinion, the attackers were targeting whale wallets.

The KyberSwap team identified the hackers’ addresses on the Ethereum and Polygon networks and contacted various exchanges to track and block the movement of stolen assets.

According to PeckShield, the attackers derived the initial funds for the attack from BitMart’s centralized platform.

KyberSwap suggested that the hackers contact them and return the stolen funds for a reward of 15% of the amount.

Recall, hackers stole $77 million from the exchange AscendEX.

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