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Websites are promised “mutation” into meta-universes

The CEO of Unity, a company that provides tools to develop 3D solutions, expressed his opinion that in the next few years, most websites will move into meta universes.

During his speech at the AWE conference on augmented reality, Unity CEO John Riccitiello said that 2D sites will become part of the meta-universes and will be connected to each other. According to him, only three types will remain among the web trends:

  • sites that would be fully integrated into the meta universes and defined as places in which users could live and dwell;
  • real places, coming to which users could get enhanced experiences with augmented reality technology;
  • sites that would be a small addition on top of our world – their tasks would be purely utilitarian.

Riccitiello stressed that in order to use all three types of sites, it would be necessary to have special equipment that would have to be adapted to smartphones and PCs. At the same time, interaction with these websites will take place in real time. That is, the structure of the “space” of the site will change depending on the actions of the visitor.

The CEO of Unity emphasized that in the future, providers of engines adapted to real-time interactions will be very important. He said that right now his company supplies more than 50% of such tools.

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