Where to get an education in the field of cryptocurrency. A selection of the best options

We have collected programs of different complexity and duration from the leading universities and training centers.

Today’s job market offers many jobs related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Banks, financial, legal, insurance and IT-companies create whole departments for development and implementation of products using new technologies and actively recruit employees.

Employers primarily look at existing work experience, but you can upgrade your skills by taking short-term courses or getting a full higher education.

The University of California, Berkeley

Harness the power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies

The program provides an understanding of cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, applications (Dapps), and a detailed review of PoS and PoW algorithms.

Duration: 3 months;

Start: any time you like;

Price: $200.


Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application

The program explores the long-term impact of blockchain technology on business, and its relationship to other innovations

Duration: 6 weeks;

Starts: June 29, September 7, November 16, 2022;

Price: $3,500

Duke University

Decentralized Finance (DeFi): The Future of Finance

Lecture course provides an in-depth understanding of both the decentralized finance infrastructure and leading applications.

Duration: 6 hours;

Start: anytime;

Price: free.

Stanford School of Engineering

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies

The program covers technical aspects of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, smart contracts, economics, and application development.

Duration: 2 months;

Start: August 29, 2022;

Price: $1,595.

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