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Bitcoin cranes

There is no need to have large amounts of money in your account to get Bitcoin. Neither is it necessary to spend it. From time to time some blockchain projects deliberately give out coins – it helps to attract new customers. In addition, you can find enough tools in today’s financial market to get bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency today.

Bitcoin cranes

Bitcoin CranesThis is the name of special sites on the Internet that give away bitcoin in small chunks every few minutes. This system is called Pay to Click and works like this: visitors go to special sites and view ads there. For which they are rewarded with a small percentage of income. Of course, if your browser is running an ad blocker, it must be disabled. And in order to earn a sufficiently large amount, will have to view a huge number of ads.

On the one hand, cranes can be called the most simplified way to get free bitcoins. But on the other hand, it is also the most time-consuming. After all, you can get only a few cents to a dollar in an hour. That’s why you should think beforehand about whether this case will be worth the time spent.

Many free BTK cranes appear quickly and also disappear quickly. But there are a few options that are more in demand than others. Among them:

  • BonusBitcoin;
  • Cointiply;
  • Moon Bitcoin.

Also, the prerequisite for working with the crane is the availability of VTS-purse. After all, that is where the received funds will be stored.

Blockchain blogs

Let’s consider this method on the example of the blockchain blog Steemit. This blog is positioned as the largest blockchain social network. This site has its own tokens, three of them at once. Which, however, can be exchanged for bitcoin and etherium on the cryptocurrency exchange. The user receives a reward in all three tokens, for what he publishes articles. The size of the reward will depend on the activity on a given article – the number of views, likes and comments.

A publishing platform called Publish0x can also be described in the same number. Not only authors, but also readers can earn bitcoins here. For example, among other things, it is easy to get a reward for inviting new users to the site. Similar to referral links.

Another similar site is called Here users are also rewarded with tokens for creating content themselves. This platform, like the two mentioned above, will also offer its own cryptocurrency. Which on the exchange will not be difficult to exchange for other cryptocurrency or even gold.


They work on the principle of “play and earn,” and have existed for a very long time. They resemble regular computer games, only here the rewards have real value. They usually encourage players to collect collections or answer questions to get token rewards in return.

Altcoin Fantasy is more of an educational platform with game-like learning that will help not only to understand all the intricacies of trading, but also to be rewarded for it. The user receives points through which he can trade cryptocurrency. The interface is similar to the real exchanges. In addition, the site often holds trading contests. And if the “student” can take a prize, he will be rewarded with cryptocurrency. The game is free and available on smartphones.
Axie Infinity is based on working with virtual animals called axis. Players can breed them, trade them and even fight among themselves. The game gives tasks and users get cryptocurrency rewards for them.
Spells of Genesis is a free card arcade game that is designed for computers and Macs. The point is to collect collection items that are stored on the Etherium blockchain. Obtained items can be exchanged for others (for example, if you already have one) or sold for tokens.
EOS Knight is a knight saga available on PCs and phones. The essence is the same as in the previous game, the only difference is that the items are stored on the EOS blockchain. Items can also be exchanged in-game or traded.


You can get bitcoin online for free, including just making purchases. It is really not difficult to increase the amount of available cryptocurrency during normal everyday purchases. This can be done through special cashback services. Where you can receive rewards in the form of digital currency for making standard purchases. And there are a huge number of sellers to choose from. Now this method is very actively used by the Americans. Activate the received cashback can be there in the browser, immediately after receiving the appropriate notification.


The principle is very simple. A user gets paid for entering specific queries in a specific browser and viewing specific ads.

For example, a browser called Brave provides users with rewards in the form of its own BAT token (full name: Basic Attention Token). The browser is also ready to offer users its referral program, which rewards cryptocurrency for invited users. Each new customer gets $5 in BAT equivalent just for using the browser for a month. As well as other variations of regular rewards in the amount of 25-40 BAT.

In addition to everything already described, each user has the opportunity to join a special Brave Rewards program as a creator of unique content. Rewards in the equivalent of BAT will be sent by subscribers.


There are special sites where you can get bitcoins as a reward for learning. The most prominent example of such a project is the learning portal Earn from the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. After registering on the platform, the user will receive a reward from the exchange for completing a course. And thus, it can also be considered as a project that allows you to get bitcoins for free. The key objective of this resource is to introduce as many people as possible to what cryptocurrency is capable of today.

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